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Wordpress Hosting: Fast Wordpress Hosting For Australian Business

Fast and Reliable Dedicated Servers Australia

Hosty’s Australia has been the leading company when it comes to offering the best dedicated server hosting to all its clients. Now, you can lease an entire service that will not be shared with anyone else. We will not only offer a basic server but will also provide a range of administrative services that will help to maintain your website easily.

Dedicated Server Hosting Australia

Dedicated hosting is one of the most comfortable and flexible hosting arrangement that can keep the website of the client safe all the time. There can be billions of terabytes of customer data and files that you may not want compromised in any way. With our dedicated server hosting, you can be assured that no intruder will be able to break into your server and get even a sniff of your customers details. We value our clients more than anything and that is why we have tried to protect our servers with the maximum level of security there is. Clients will have control to operate the server, twitch the security systems according to how they want it to be and also get additional software support from our company so that you can ensure that the website is working smoothly.

Why australian dedicated servers are important?

If you are opting for web hosting services for the first time, you will have a dilemma between choosing shared servers and dedicated servers. You may have been told that shared hosting will go easy on your pocket and that dedicated servers are normally more expensive because you don’t share the server with anyone else. Our logic will help to differentiate between the two and help to choose the right service.

What is more important to you – a slightly more expensive monthly payment or the safety and security of the customers who will ultimately help your company to grow? Any sensible business professional will say that they value their customers and there you have your answer. It is true that dedicated servers will cost a bit more than other web hosting services but the security and the endless benefits that it provides are unmatched.

Those who are in search of a server that will perform at the highest level should opt for dedicated servers. This is not rocket science because when a server is shared by several other websites, it is bound to affect your website’s performance too! With dedicated servers from Hosty’s Australia, you are guaranteed a top-notch performance from all angles. There will be maximum uptime on your website and the server will offer enough stability when there is a lot of traffic on the site. Moreover, you are assured of a safe and secure data handling every time you log in. We have numerous companies that handle sensitive information via SSL or FTP and all these clients have never faced a security breach to date.

Another reason why we believe that dedicated servers are important for every business with a website is that you will get all the flexibility while using the website. Customizing the server is a very important part of keeping the website online at all times. You may need to change the disk space or get an additional software installed or maybe upgrade the RAM; all this can be done when you opt for a dedicated hosting service. The server itself is customizable so that the client can use it any way he/she wants.

Dedicated servers have countless benefits and one of these benefits is having your own IP address. In shared hosting, you will have to share the IP address with other websites but that is not the case with dedicated hosting services. The client gets a unique IP address so that the rankings of other websites do not affect their own rankings as well. Moreover, you will be in charge of the entire server. So, if the server suddenly stops responding, you can go for an instant reboot via the control panel. Alternatively, you can raise a support ticket and we will make sure our technicians are there to get the server up and running immediately. Although the chances of this happening is very unlikely, at least you have the comfort of knowing you initiate an instant reboot. That is not possible when you have shared hosting.

Best Dedicated servers from Hosty’s Australia

Now that you have an understanding why dedicated servers should be your first choice when it comes to web hosting services, let’s discuss few of the exclusive benefits that Hosty’s Australia offers to its clients who opt for dedicated hosting:

Clients have the freedom to choose their own operating system for the server. Be it Windows or CentOS or Ubuntu, we have provisions for everything.

We provide a dedicated bandwidth guarantee of 100 Mbps port. That is like the highest bandwidth possible and we are proud to offer this to our clients. You will also have the option to transfer as much as 10 TB of data every month with the help of the 100 Mbps connectivity. Since the bandwidth is not shared with any other website, you will always get the highest speed.

There are provisions for remote backup of your server. You can opt for our scheduled backup service so that you can take an off-site backup whenever you need. Although this comes at an extra price, it will be very helpful in the long-run.

Dedicated Server Australia

Hosty’s Australia has never compromised on the quality of its dedicated servers for any of its clients. We are very honest about the services that we offer and there are no hidden costs involved. Here are a few more reasons why you will find us different from our competitors:

  • Value for money – dedicated hosting services will go easy on your pocket when you work with Hosty’s Australia. With the number of benefits you get from our dedicated hosting services, it will surely be worth the money that you spend.
  • Advanced security – all our dedicated servers are strictly monitored by our engineers. We understand how important the data can be on your server and that is why there are several layers of security that protect each and every server. On top of that, we have a dedicated team that checks the performance level of the server so that there is no breach of security at any point.
  • 99.9% connectivity – to make sure that you do not experience even the slightest amount of downtime, we have a guaranteed 99.9% connectivity. This is a record and we assure you that you will never experience any lags in the server.
  • Expert help – we have an amazing engineering team who will guide you with the software application process and setting up the server. When you have experts working for you, it can be safely said that you don’t have to worry about anything other than focusing on the working of the website.
  • Guaranteed quality of service – we take pride in saying that the quality of service we offer to our clients is the most comprehensive ever. There is a balance in everything that we do. That is why you will get a quality service every time you want some kind of web hosting service.

There are many website hosting companies that may claim that they are the best in the business. We don’t claim to be the best because we ARE the best. Considering the quality of our hosting services, the prices at which they are available to our clients, and the support that we offer, you will not want to hire any other company once you work with us.