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Superior Managed Ecommerce Hosting | Hosty's Australia

Hosty’s Australia Managed Ecommerce Hosting

The Superior ECommerce Hosting Services You’ve Been Waiting For

Choosing an eCommerce web hosting provider that is right for your website can be difficult. With so many options to choose from, knowing the right hosting provider to select can be stressful. We make it easy to choose Hosty’s Australia by providing our clients with the fastest eCommerce hosting solution available in the marketplace. We offer a safe and secure web hosting service that is always up-to-date and we cater to businesses of all sizes. Our eCommerce hosting is very fast and highly optimised to ensure that your customers are completely satisfied with the performance of your website at all times.

Having fast managed Ecommerce website hosting is crucial to succeeding in today’s digital landscape because it will have a direct impact on how fast your store is able to load. Along with this, search engines are placing increased importance on fast loading times to effectively rank websites. Thus, to achieve the best possible ranking potential, your loading speed must be optimised and very fast. This is where we come into play. With our incredibly fast hosting solutions, you will be able to provide the ultimate loading times not only for your customer’s benefit but also to rank higher within the search engines. This will allow you to have a significant competitive advantage over your competition.

About Our Managed Ecommerce Hosting Australia Services:

We offer the best Ecommerce hosting in the marketplace. Not only do we offer incredibly fast hosting solutions to our clients, but we offer a level of security and reliability that you can count on. The combination of speed, security, and reliability has made us Australia’s number one managed hosting service provider. We offer everything from threat free web hosting, to hassle-free backup recovery solutions. We also make things simple and always keep our solutions up-to-date for the best performance.

Whether you are a start-up or an established business, we have a plan that is right for you. We offer a starter plan for those looking to feature one hosted domain all the way up to an unlimited option for the most resource intensive websites.

Our eCommerce solutions ensure that we are fully capable of offering the proper eCommerce hosting solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes. The process is simple, you order the hosting solution, setup, and we handle the rest.

Our Points Of Difference

1. Quality Of Service.

Here at Hosty’s, we value our clients exponentially. Because of this, we offer a complete commitment to providing the highest level of customer service and quality of service. We know how important the hosting is for our client’s eCommerce businesses. This is why we strive to optimize our hosting to not only provide you with the fastest possible page loads compared to other hosting providers, but we also offer an exceptional level of reliability that allows our clients to count on us day after day. Our quality of service standards are incredibly high and our clients never have to worry about the security of their website. We also happen to offer some of the best customer service in the business. We know you may have questions and this is why we have dedicated personnel on staff to answer any and every question that you might have.

2. Expertise.

Our level of expertise is unparalleled. Our entire team is full of the most experienced and technical personnel that allow us to offer the best possible experience to each and every one of our clients. We are fully dedicated to partnering with Australian businesses and helping them grow and succeed within the competitive online landscape. We have some of the best personnel on staff who are fully capable of putting your eCommerce business in the best possible position to succeed.

3. Value.

We know and understand that you have various options to choose from when it comes to cheap eCommerce hosting providers. Because of this, we strive to offer each of our clients the best possible value in the marketplace. We go above and beyond with our services and offer competitive pricing to provide the best possible value proposition to our clients. We know how important it is to get excellent value for your money when it comes to your hosting solutions. We feel our value proposition is the strongest on the market and we continue to add to our packages to exceed each of our client’s expectations. We offer packages that cater to your specific needs as an eCommerce business and we offer a variety of pricing options to meet all budgets.

4. We Make It Easy.

Not only do we offer full support to each of the most popular eCommerce solutions on the market including but not limited to Cloud Linux, PHP, WordPress, Magneto, MySQL, Joomla, and Drupal – but we also make it as simple as possible. We are able to do this through a better graphical interface and automation tool known as Cpanel. Through Cpanel, we take the guesswork out of managing your eCommerce website and help you deal with the complexities on the back-end. We fully understand that you are going to be busy running your business. We help you to optimize your time by effectively running your eCommerce website on the back-end. We pride ourselves on making it as easy as possible for our clients to manage and maintain their respective eCommerce websites by completely and effectively handling all of the work behind the scenes.

5. Reliability.

We fully understand that your uptime is crucial when it comes to running an eCommerce business. After all, when your website is down, you are losing potential customers. This is why we offer a 99.9% uptime commitment which helps you remain as confident as possible in our ability to offer the most reliable eCommerce hosting in the business. We take pride in keeping your website up and running at all times.

6. Security.

When you are running an eCommerce business, one of the most important things that you should be concerned with is security. After all, not only do you have a duty to your customers, but having insufficient security can absolutely ruin your reputation as an online business. This is why we take security seriously by having the best possible security measures in place. You will not find a hosting provider with better security than ours. We provide threat free web hosting by offering complete real-time monitoring. This means our clients do not have to worry about malware or any other threats.

Along with this, we offer a secure firewall system complete with an intrusion and detection system which means that we will be able to fully detect any changes or intrusions to eliminate them before they become a problem. We also strictly monitor servers day to day which allows us to analyze patterns and spot vulnerabilities that could potentially compromise your website and its performance. Lastly, we know and understand how important it is to keep our systems fully updated in order to patch potential security vulnerabilities and have dedicated personnel on staff handling this task specifically. Each of our plans come with basic DDOS protection allowing you to go about your business without worrying about your website being attacked by outside sources.

If you are ready to set up your worry-free managed Ecommerce hosting solution for your website, contact us today. Hosty’s is ready to offer you the reliability and speed that your business deserves. Don’t be left in the dark, sign up for the best value in hosting today.