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Magento Hosting: Fast Magento Hosting For Australian Business

The Fastest and Safest Managed Magento Hosting Service

You must be aware of what dedicated hosting is. However, do you know what managed website hosting or managed Magento website hosting is all about? Although many people like to believe that managed hosting and dedicated Magento hosting are both the same, the reality is slightly different. Managed Magento hosting is an extended version of dedicated hosting. In this setup, the hardware that you require will be owned by Hosty’s Australia. We will lease the hardware to you so that you can use it any way you want. The reason why managed hosting is different than all other hosting services is the unparalleled hosting flexibility it offers.

One of the reasons why our Magento Web Hosting service is so popular is that we allow our clients to focus solely on the website and not the server. We will do that job on your behalf. You will not have to worry about the configuration of MySQL or Magento server requirements because we will get that done for you. We understand that our clients may not have the time to configure MySQL or get into the technicalities of the server or make any modifications to the software applications that are installed on the server. That is why we offer a comprehensive hosting service that will take care of all the configuration and installation of the software applications, upgrade of software, and advanced security checks.

Why you should opt for managed Magento hosting?

Over the years, there has been some confusion regarding what makes managed Magento hosting different from all the other hosting services, especially dedicated hosting. Well, one thing is for sure – it will lower your operating costs to a great extent. At Hosty’s Australia, we offer Best Magento hosting Australia at a very pocket-friendly price. If you have opted for other cheap Magento hosting services earlier, you must have noticed that there are various hidden costs that you come to know about while paying the monthly charges. There is a basic monthly charge that you have to pay. But, if you need some additional software or security upgrades, you will have to pay extra.

Moreover, you will have to hire extra staff like system admins and database admins to manage the server. That is not the case with managed Magento hosting. Here, we will do the job for you, and you will not have to pay anything extra whatsoever.

The benefit of having extra support staff is always good, but when you have to pay their salary, you feel it would have been better to opt for managed hosting than other hosting services. At Hosty’s Australia, you get 24 x 7 assistance from some of the most talented experts in the Magento hosting world. Most importantly, we know how our servers work and how it should be linked to the website. If you have to hire professional support, it will mean an additional cost. Instead of that, you will get 24 x 7 x 365 technical support from us. If there is an issue with the server, you will find our technical team doing their best to get the server up and running quickly.

Monitoring the server is one of the primary jobs included in managed Magento hosting. Managed here means we take care of the server and the hardware so that you don’t have to spend time on it. We have a dedicated team that keeps track of all the activities on the website so that they can detect any irregularity proactively. This helps to increase the performance level of your site. In fact, this is one of the ways in which we keep the server working efficiently. That means, you hardly have any downtime when you work with us.

One similarity between dedicated hosting and managed Magento hosting is that you get customized options to operate the server. We allow our clients to work with multiple software applications and added securities so that you get the most out of the hosting solution. If ever you need any technical assistance, we are just a phone call away to coming to your rescue. There is also the factor of scalability in managed hosting that makes it a superior hosting service than others. You will be able to scale the infrastructure of your business so that it accelerates the process of global expansion.

Australian Magento Webhosting

Hosty’s Australia has never compromised on the quality of managed hosting services. Our Magento hosting service is highly rated by our clients, and this has been possible because of many reasons. Advanced network connection is one reason that helps clients to route their website traffic dynamically. We have an SLA or Service Level Agreement of 99.9%. That means, your website will hardly experience any downtime every month. Compared to what the other service providers offer, this is something that you will want to keep in mind.

Full control over the server is what makes managed Magento hosting from Hosty’s so attractive. There are advanced security systems that are pre-installed. There is minimal physical access to the area where the applications and data are stored. Only a handful of people will know the whereabouts including the client. We maintain strict confidentiality of the details that are stored on our services. Our team uses Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) or Secure Shell (SSH) to access the data. This is the safest and most secure way to handle sensitive data, and you can entirely rely on us to get the job done safely.

Why choose Hosty’s Australia?

Managed Magento hosting is something you should seriously consider. You will hardly find a handful of service providers who are offering this service and that too with such extensive facilities. We believe that our success lies in the hands of our clients. So, we try our best to make sure that our clients are satisfied with the web hosting service they get. Here are a few more reasons that will make you want to work with us:

Easy migration

Our quality of service for managed Magento hosting is unmatched. Some clients had Magento websites with some other hosting company and wanted to shift to us. We offer full assistance in the transfer of files and also update the configuration settings.

Value for mone

Hosty’s Australia charges a very reasonable price for managed Magento hosting. With the variety of facilities that you get, it is not hard to see why you wouldn’t want to spend money on this excellent hosting service rather than waste your money on a service where security can be compromised.

Frequent software upgrades

software upgrades help to keep the server safe from malicious malware. At Hosty’s Australia, we make sure that you get constant software updates every month so that there is no breach of security and the server works smoothly.


the one size fits all hosting plan has helped thousands of clients to ensure that their website never faces downtime for more than a minute. Our service is tailor-made to suit your benefits.

Full suppor

the biggest reason why Hosty’s Australia is considered the number one in managed Magento hosting is that we support our client from day one. You can contact us any time you want, and we assure that there will be someone to help.

Hosty’s Australia is one of the names in the Magento Hosting world that everyone should know about. We do not compromise on the quality of the servers or our services. We guarantee that once you work with us, you will not want to leave us any time soon.