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SSL Certificate: SSL Ceritifcate For Australian Business

The Importance of SSL Certificate for Online Business Owners

Everyone is aware of how important cybersecurity is, be it from the point of view of the customers or the business owners. When you are handling sensitive information, especially payment related information, you have to be on your toes all the time. A minor slip up can turn into a huge disaster, and very quickly. To make sure that all the details of your customers is safe and secure, most business owners opt for different web hosting services. Hosty’s Australia is one of the leading companies when it comes to offering website hosting services, but it doesn’t end here. One of the major considerations when it comes to providing reliable hosting services is to make sure that the data that is shared between the customer and the website is secured by an external guard. This guard is the SSL certificate.

Most e-commerce websites involve transactions where customers provide their credit/debit card details, net banking details, and various other sensitive details that have to be protected in every possible way. Hosty’s Australia has a wide range of security features that make it the leading company when it comes to offering the best SSL hosting service to its clients. If you visit any website and see that it starts with “HTTP” and not “HTTPS”, this means the website is not protected by an SSL certificate. HTTPS websites are secure from potential cyber threats and you can exchange sensitive information safely.

SSL Certificates Australia: Why Website security certificates are important?

As a business owner, you will always value your customers more than anything else, right? Likewise, we value our customers and that is why we provide affordable SSL certificates. Web hosting services have become quite common these days, especially when you consider most companies have started selling their products and services online. There was a period when cyber threats became a major concern and customers lost money left, right, and center after they shared their payment details. This was a major headache because hacking into the bank accounts of customers was rather new back then. An efficient security system was required and that’s how SSL certificate came into the picture.

Buy SSL Certificates

A big reason why SSL certificates have become compulsory for almost all the e-commerce websites is that it offers full encryption between two servers. This means that the host computer can get the data decrypted and the client computer that can actually verify the respective server certificate. Hosty’s Australia is widely known for providing the ultimate security solutions to all its clients. It is safe to say that if you are associated with us, there is no chance that your website will be hacked or the details of your customers compromised. The rise of SSL certificate is more than just a safety tool for business owners. It also brings in a lot of trust from the customers when they see that the website starts with HTTPS. They are instantly assured that the financial details they share will be safe and secure.

Apart from just safeguarding the transactions, SSL certification offers a wide range of other features that business owners can make use of. We have been asked about whether our SSL certificate involves protecting fake WiFi hotspots or offering extensive protection from surveillance and so on. Well, these are some of the basic features that SSL certificates offer and Hosty’s Australia will make sure that you get even more than this. Our certification will mean that sensitive data like passwords, CVV number of credit cards, bank account number, etc, all are safe in one single place. There is no way that the details are going to be shared.

SSL certificates have been a game changer for e-commerce websites. They have been the biggest supporter of SSL certificates and this was long overdue. When there is payment information involved, no website should take their chances in keeping the details unsafe. When a website is SSL certified, the encryption takes place between the server of the website and the device that the customer is using. This entire chain is protected and encrypted with SSL. In fact, the SSL certificate is also proof that it is not a phishing website. There are lots of websites on the web that claim that they are original and it is safe to transact from that site. However, unless there is HTTPS at the beginning of the website, it indicates that it is a phishing website.

SSL certificates Australia

The SSL certificate hosting from Hosty’s Australia is one of the best encrypted certificates that you will come across. If you want to promote your business on the internet and you want to do it in a safe way, then it is important to have an SSL certificate. Search engines will value a website that is safe and secure instead of the ones that are prone to malicious attacks. The concept of SEO is to develop a website that offers comprehensive details about the business and is also safe for potential customers to go through. Hosty’s Australia has always believed in satisfying the clients with the tightest of security measures. That is why we have top security features for all our hosting services.

The algorithms we use in our SSL certificate are close to the ones that Google and many other search engines use. This not only means that you will retain a lot of customers by earning their trust, but there are high chances that there will be new customers on their way because your website is likely to rank higher in the leading search engines. SSL certificates have always increased the credibility of a website and that is what Hosty’s Australia has to offer to its clients. We want our clients to be successful through the hosting service they choose from us. Google will only entertain websites that offer secure surfing of the visitors.

Why choose Hosty’s Australia?

Hosty’s Australia is one of the fewer companies that believe in keeping the client happy before thinking of the profit margins. That is why we never compromise on the quality of our services. You will not find any hidden costs in our SSL certification or any other services or products. Here are some more reasons why you should hire us:

Best security features

we know how important security is for your customers. That is why we have a team of engineers who constantly monitor the servers and the activities that are taking place in the websites. This helps us to understand if there are any potential threats from intruders that you need to be safeguarded from.

Instant help

at Hosty’s Australia, you will get 24 x 7 assistance from our technicians. We are there for you whenever you need us. Since e-commerce websites have to remain online all the time, we make it a point that there is a dedicated team who can come to your help whenever you have any query or face a problem.

Value for money

the price that you pay for the quality of service is totally worth it.

Quality service

from the time you connect with us to the time you get the certificate and much more, which is why you won’t have any complaints about our service.

The best you can get

when it comes to security and hosting services, there is no one who can provide a more comprehensive service as Hosty’s Australia.

Online shopping has become the trend these days and you will not want your customers to be unhappy with their transactions. So, hop on board with Hosty’s Australia and get your SSL certificate today.