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Email Hosting: Reliable Email Hosting For Australian Business

Choose Hostys For Your Cheap Email Hosting Needs

Email hosting services allow you to attach emails to your unique domain names. It’s an important step in setting your company apart from the newcomers that are still relying on Gmail or Yahoo email accounts. An email server is required to make this happen, but that doesn’t mean you should rush out and start investing in servers. Instead, you should rely on a web hosting service like Hostys to provide you with all of the tools and equipment you will need.

There are major advantages associated with using a hosting service compared to installing a service at your place of business. The three key benefits are price, space, and efficiency. If you’re a business owner, then you know just how important those three aspects are.

Servers are often large and expensive. More so depending on the size of your company and the amount of bandwidth it will need. Hostys gives you access to these large and expensive servers without them needing to be physically located at your place of business. Instead, we keep them safe and secure at our data centres and provide you with remote access. That also means you don’t have to invest in actually purchasing one of these servers.

Small Business Email Hosting Protocols

There are generally three email hosting protocols that you should be aware of. The first two are IMAP and POP3, which offer different means of accessing your emails stored on the server. The third is SMTP, which is a protocol used for transferring emails from the client to the server or between multiple servers.

IMAP and POP3 are similar in many ways, but there are a couple of important differences between the two. You’ll need to decide which of these protocols you want to use when retrieving company emails from the Hostys server located at our data centre. In almost every case, we would recommend the use of IMAP, but there are some unique cases where the security provided by the POP3 protocol is advantageous.

In the case of the POP3 protocol, the email is downloaded from the email hosting server to the client computer at your business. Exactly which client is used to download and view the email is entirely up to you. Most modern email clients support both POP3 and IMAP protocols. Once the email has been downloaded to the client it is completely erased from the email server.

One of the major advantages of the POP3 protocol is that automatically deleting emails from the servers makes it easier to manage space. It can also provide an additional layer of security if you believe your client computer is more secure than the server. However, if that computer is lost or the emails are erased, then they will be lost forever. Also, if you read your emails from different devices it means the messages will be spread out and difficult to organize.

In comparison, IMAP ensures that all emails are stored on the server continuously. When viewing an email you are actually downloading a copy of that email. The original message will remain on the server at Hostys. You will be able to view the same email from any device or client that has access to the email account.

The advantages of IMAP are fairly obvious. If you believe you or your employees will be checking emails from multiple devices, such as work computers, home computers, and mobile phones, then it makes sense to stick with IMAP. If those devices are ever damaged, another copy of the email can be downloaded to the client.

As for any possible disadvantages, managing server and client space are slightly more difficult because it will require manual input, but it’s only a minor inconvenience. Another possible setback is that reading emails when offline can be difficult if the client did not save a copy of the email directly to the device. However, fixing this is as simple as adjusting settings in your email client.

Overall, IMAP is the recommended choice for nearly all of our customers. You are more than welcome to discuss both of these options with our trained email technicians to determine which is best for your business. There may very well be a strong reason for using POP3.

Email Hosting in Australia

Doing business with Hostys is an extremely simple and straightforward process. We offer a number of different packages depending on your hosting needs. Our recommendation is to start with one of our commercial website hosting plans. Once you have secured a domain name and have a website hosted online you can move forward to email hosting.

Of course, you’re more than welcome to rely solely on our email host while hosting your website through another service. You won’t get the same level of quality with your website, but your email server will be the best in the business. We utilize the latest and greatest servers with the highest speeds and the best security measures. The same level of security that goes into our website hosting is carried over into our email services as well.

If you are using our services for the full package, then your first step will be domain registration. We offer several Australian specific extensions, such as “” and “”. Choosing a domain is an extremely important step for any business. Our experts are eager to help you with the process if you feel overwhelmed. We employ a number of technical and marketing experts who can identify your needs and help you choose a domain name that fits with your company. You can also transfer an existing domain to our servers if you would like.

Are you becoming tired of dealing with web hosting companies that don’t care about your needs? Is there too much downtime or not enough security? Maybe they don’t offer comprehensive support for your favourite content management systems? If so, then feel free to switch to Hostys. We promise that we won’t let you down.

Once your domain is secured you can set up a website or move straight to creating business emails. We provide you with easy-to-use graphical interfaces for both of these server tasks. You can access all of this through one system at Hosty’s Australia.

The Hostys Difference

You have a lot of options when it comes to choosing an Australian email hosting provider. We want to be your number one choice, which is why we go the extra mile. Here are a few ways that Hostys stands out from the competition.

1. We only hire the best workers in the industry.
2. We treat every customer like they are our favourite customer.
3. We offer support for your favourite CMS programs, such as WordPress and Joomla.
4. Our prices are some of the lowest in the industry.
5. Our customer support team is ready around the clock to help with your needs.

Do It The Hostys Way

Having a secure and efficient email server is important for a growing business. Let Hostys help set you up with the latest server hardware, fully optimized software, and the best security protocols in the industry. Call our office or visit our website to see what Hostys has to offer you.