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Shared Hosting with Hostys Affordable and Reliable Hosting Solutions

Shared Hosting

At Hostys, we understand that not every website needs a dedicated server or extensive resources.

That’s why we offer Shared Hosting – a cost-effective and user-friendly solution for individuals, bloggers, small businesses, and anyone looking to establish a web presence without breaking the bank.

Why Choose Shared Hosting with Hostys?


Shared hosting is budget-friendly, making it an ideal choice for beginners and small websites. You get reliable hosting without the high costs, perfect for startups and personal projects.

Easy to Use

Our shared hosting packages come with user-friendly control panels, making it simple to manage your website, files, and settings, even if you're new to hosting.

Fast and Reliable

Hostys ensures your website benefits from fast loading times and reliable uptime, thanks to our high-performance servers and top-notch infrastructure.


As your website grows, you can easily upgrade to more advanced hosting solutions within the Hostys ecosystem, such as VPS or dedicated hosting, with seamless transitions.

Expert Support

Our 24/7 customer support team is ready to assist you with any hosting-related questions or issues, ensuring a smooth and stress-free hosting experience.

Key Features of Hostys Shared Hosting

Ample Disk Space

Enjoy enough storage space to house your website's files, databases, and media.

Unlimited Bandwidth

No need to worry about traffic limits; we offer generous bandwidth to accommodate your visitors.

Free SSL Certificate

Secure your website with a free SSL certificate, boosting visitor trust and search engine rankings.

One-Click Installations

Easily install popular applications like WordPress, Joomla, and more with just one click.

Email Hosting

Create professional email accounts associated with your domain for effective communication.

Regular Backups

We perform daily backups to safeguard your data and provide easy restoration options.

Security Measures

Benefit from firewall protection, malware scans, and server security to keep your website safe.

Shared Hosting

Getting Started is Easy

Getting started with Hostys Shared Hosting is a breeze. Simply choose a plan that suits your needs, register your domain or transfer an existing one, and you’re ready to go. Our intuitive control panel and website builder tools make it simple to set up your website and email accounts.

Join the Hostys family and experience reliable, affordable, and user-friendly shared hosting that empowers you to establish your online presence and succeed in the digital world. Your journey starts here with Hostys – Your Trusted Shared Hosting Partner!

Shared Hosting FAQs

Shared Hosting is a hosting service where multiple websites share the same server and its resources, such as CPU, RAM, and storage space. It’s an excellent choice for individuals, small businesses, and startups with relatively low traffic and resource demands. If you have a personal blog, a small portfolio website, or a startup site, shared hosting is a cost-effective and efficient solution to get your website online without the complexities of managing a dedicated server.

At Hostys, our shared hosting plans are designed to provide fast, reliable, and secure hosting for a wide range of websites. However, if your website experiences significant traffic or requires extensive resources, you may consider upgrading to one of our more robust hosting solutions, such as VPS or dedicated hosting, for better performance and scalability.

Yes, your website’s data is safe with Hostys Shared Hosting. We take security seriously and implement several measures to protect your data. These include firewall protection, regular malware scans, and the provision of free SSL certificates to encrypt data transmission. Our servers are regularly monitored for security vulnerabilities, and we keep our software and infrastructure up-to-date to address any potential threats promptly.

Additionally, we perform daily backups of your website’s data, ensuring that your information is securely stored and can be easily restored in case of unexpected issues. Rest assured, we’re committed to safeguarding your website and your visitors’ data.

Yes, you can easily upgrade your Shared Hosting plan with Hostys as your website grows. We understand that your hosting needs may change over time, and we provide a seamless upgrade process. Whether you need more storage space, bandwidth, or additional features, our team is here to assist you in transitioning to a more suitable hosting solution within our range of services.

Our goal is to support your website’s growth by ensuring you have the resources and capabilities required to accommodate increased traffic and functionality. Contact our support team when you’re ready to upgrade, and we’ll guide you through the process.

Managing your website and hosting with Hostys Shared Hosting is easy and user-friendly. We provide an intuitive control panel that allows you to manage your website files, databases, email accounts, and settings effortlessly. If you’re new to hosting, our control panel makes it simple to set up your website, install applications like WordPress, and configure email accounts associated with your domain.

Additionally, Hostys offers a range of website builder tools and one-click installations to help you create and customize your website without needing extensive technical knowledge. Our support team is also available 24/7 to assist you with any questions or issues you may encounter during your hosting journey.

Shared Hosting is cost-effective but comes with certain resource limitations, as multiple websites share the same server resources. While we optimize our servers for performance, high-traffic or resource-intensive websites may experience occasional performance fluctuations.

Typically, Shared Hosting is suitable for websites with moderate traffic and resource needs. If you anticipate significant growth in traffic or require dedicated resources, you may consider upgrading to VPS, dedicated, or cloud hosting for better performance and stability. Hostys offers a variety of hosting solutions to ensure you have the resources you need to succeed online as your website evolves.